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Weird Driving Laws Of New Jersey

Although traffic laws are put into place to protect us, there are always a collection of bizarre laws that have somehow been passed. Many laws are created out of common sense and necessity, such as stopping at a red light, wearing your seat belt, and no drinking while...

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Safest Places In The World To Drive

Did you know that some of the safest places in the world to drive are Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom? But what about the United States?  Although the U.S does not have the worst driving safety standards, the country still has much work to do in order to make...

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Teens Driving Teens

One of the most important rules for teens driving with a learner’s permit or a probationary license in understanding the Graduated Driver’s Licensing Laws (GDL).  Under the GDL, one of the most important restrictions to note is that they only drive with one passenger...

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Parents Are The Key In Teen Driving

Did you know that parents play a critical role in influencing teen driving behavior? Parents are vital role models whose impact makes teens more receptive to learning and gaining useful experience. However, no one ever said talking to your teen about anything is an...

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