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Our Services

Whether you’re new to Fallons Driving School or a returning customer, rest assured that we provide all the services you or your new driver will need to learn, practice, and develop in or order to become a safe driver and obtain their NJ drivers license!

Our services include:

• 6 Hour Behind the Wheel Training • Additional Driving Lessons
• NJ Permit Test (Knowledge Test)• Fallon’s Fix
• NJ Road Test• Jump Start
• Pick-Up | Drop Off Service• Adaptive Equipment Training
• Permit Replacement 


Core Services

As one of the leading driving schools in NJ, Fallon’s Driving School offers a variety of core services designed to ensure that you and your new teen driver are covered every step of the way.  Fallon’s Driving School offers some of the most comprehensive behind the wheel driver training programs in NJ that will help people of all ages get their NJ drivers license and be a safe driver.

6 Hour Behind The Wheel Training

Driving lessons are available to all first-time drivers AND experienced drivers, whether you’re 16 years old or an adult. The course includes six (6) hours of driving lessons, scheduled in three (3) sessions of two (2) hours each.

Upon successful completion of a state-required minimum 6 hour behind the wheel course, a 16 year old student driver must practice supervised driving, based on the NJ GDL program, with a person who has had a NJ drivers license for at least three (3) years and is at least twenty one (21) years of age.

Upon completion of the six hours, the student will receive a “Certificate of Completion” which can be presented to the student’s insurance company for an insurance discount,.  Also, the NJ learners permit will be validated and provided to the student on completion of the final lesson. The student then must complete at least 6 months of supervised driving and be at least 17 years of age to obtain their probationary NJ drivers license.

NJ Permit Test

The first step after taking a drivers ed course is to take the written Knowledge Test, otherwise known as the NJ permit test. If you have not completed this test in high school, and are under 17 years of age, Fallon’s Driving School is pleased to provide our customers with the written NJ permit test. When ready, students will be given the timed and monitored written NJ permit test by one of our certified driving instructors. In order to receive a passing grade, students must score an 80% or above. Failure to pass the written Knowledge Test, or NJ permit test, will result in having to re-take the test until a satisfactory score is achieved.

The written NJ permit test must be scheduled in advance by calling our office.

NJ Road Test

One of the most exciting days in the life of a teen safe driver is the day they take the NJ road test.  It can be a bit scary and unnerving, but Fallon’s Driving School is here to support you.  Once you have completed your 6 months of supervised practice driving, and you have turned 17, you can take the NJ road test. Fallon’s Driving School would be pleased to accompany you to the test, provide you with the use of our vehicle and an instructor, pick you up to take the test, and even provide you with some last minute training to ensure that you’re ready.  If you are getting close to the day, and are not feeling confident, you can always call and we will be happy to provide you with additional training prior to the test day.

The NJ road test must be scheduled with NJ MVC in advance, and we will be happy to schedule this for you if needed; although, most tests are scheduled for the date of your 17th birthday when your practice permit is validated.

Additional Driving Lessons

The 6 hour behind the wheel training is a required state minimum to obtain your NJ practice permit prior to your 17th birthday.  For many young drivers, it is simply not enough training to learn what it takes to be safe behind the wheel.  We are often asked if we can provide additional driving lessons, in addition to the 6 hour behind the wheel training.  Fallon’s is pleased to provide this service.  In fact, nearly one-third (1/3) of our clients take additional lessons, as well as use our NJ Road Test Package.

If you’re interested in additional driving lessons, we’ll be happy to work with you to assess how much time may be required based on your student’s specific situation.

It is a good idea to space these additional driving lessons out a bit after the initial 6 hour behind the wheel training, so that your student can obtain some experience driving with his or her parent/guardian. We suggest you work with your new driver for at least a month, if possible, before starting additional lessons.

Remember, our clients are always able to call and ask questions along the way for no additional charge.  We are your partner throughout this entire process and look forward to helping your new driver become a safe driver.

Pick Up | Drop Off Service

At Fallon’s Driving School, we know how busy your schedule is and how difficult it is to coordinate one’s schedule.   Remembering the seriousness of learning to drive, it is incumbent on you and your new driver to find the time for the 6 hour behind the wheel training program.  We in turn, will do all we can to accommodate.  Booking early ensures the best possible choice of times and dates.

To provide an additional level of convenience for our customers, we include pick-up and drop-off service in all of our packages.  We will be happy to pick your teenager up from school, work or anyplace within the local area* and return them to the destination of your choosing after the lesson, within the local area*.

*The local area includes an approximate 7 mile radius of Oakland, NJ.

NJ Learners Permit Replacement

Mistakes can and do happen.  If you are 16 years old, and misplace or destroy your NJ practice permit, a duplicate NJ practice permit can be purchased by the parent/guardian if the mandatory 6 hour behind the wheel training has been completed and the original NJ practice permit is validated. It is IMPORTANT to note that the permit must be validated at a NJ MVC Testing Center.

Before your go to the NJ MVC Testing Center, you must have the following:

  • The permit stamped and signed by the NJ licensed driving school that did the original 6 hour behind the wheel training with the new driver and the appropriate driving school representative’s signature inscribed thereon;
  • The student’s original birth certificate with raised seal or valid US Passport;
  • The blue drivers ed card issued by the school that administered the NJ permit test (written knowledge test).

The student will be asked to take an eye exam test, so please do not forget their glasses Should they wear them.  We suggest that you call us at (201) 405-0340 prior to starting the permit replacement process for any updates or changes that may have occurred since the writing of this message.

If you are over 17 years of age, you will need to purchase a new permit and visit a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agency that offers Driver Testing Services to replace an NJ practice permit issued to drivers age 17 or older.

You will need to:


Specialty Services

The Fallon's Fix

The “Fallon’s Fix” is a 3-hour program specifically designed for students that have previously completed the 6 hour behind the wheel training program from another driving school and are not at the level needed to be confident behind the wheel.  The intent of the Fallon’s Fix is to provide an intensive training to get the student up to speed.

Jump Start

Designed ONLY for previous students of Fallon’s Driving School, the “Jump Start” is an intensive 3-hour review and practice of the work done during the original 6 hour behind the wheel training program.  The intent is to “Jump Start” those that may not have continued to practice after the initial 6 hour behind the wheel training program.

Adaptive Driver Training

Fallon’s Driving School is certified to provide Adaptive Driver Training, or instruction for people with disabilities to learn to drive using vehicles which have been modified to accommodate a disability. Our services include instruction and driving lessons with our specially equipped vehicles. Depending on the challenge, a clinical evaluation may be required prior to training.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Driving School

Are the vehicles professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis?

How important is it to me that the instructions given create a good solid foundation from which my child can base their future driving skills on or do I just want the school to drive him or her around for 6 hours to meet a requirement?

Am I allowed to join the instructor to experience what my child has learned, how he or she is handling the vehicle and how the instructor is with respect to instruction and demeanor?

When speaking with a school, did they describe to me about the state mandated curriculum that is taught during the 6 hours of training?

Is the school fully licensed by the Motor Vehicle Commission for the State of New Jersey?

Is getting quality instruction & equipment worth the extra few dollars?

What kind of vehicle(s) does the school use?

What Our Customers Say About Us

All three of my kids went to Fallon’s. Great experience and highly recommend Dolores to learn to drive and Donna for the road test. Really take their time with the kids and take you through every step of the process.  Can’t say enough great things about the school.  Very highly recommend them.  You won’t be sorry.  Effortless for you! – Evelina D.



Peter, I just wanted to say thank you for teaching Patrick to drive.  Your teaching skills, patience and demeanor are wonderful.  You definitely are in the right business.  Also, thank you for easing my mind and taking such great care of my son.  He is thrilled to have his driver’s license.  He must have looked at it about 30 times today.

I wanted to take the time to let you know how grateful I am.  Keep up the great work. I will see you again in about two more years when my son, Alex, needs driving lessons.  Don’t you dare retire. – MaryBeth M.




Don’t really know Mary Ellen but I do know the reputation of Fallon’s Driving School is outstanding for your child’s behind the wheel education! Dolores has the patience of a saint for those learning. Ask for her! Then there is Donna who goes out of her way to get their license in their hand waving happily in the air! (: – Gigi J.



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